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1McGreal's Tavern810 .8891538271 0.0
2P.G. Painting630 .66711810117 2.0
3Stella Kitchens630 .66798917 2.0
4The Fours530 .625106988 2.5
5Old Derby Animal Hospital 540 .55612910722 3.0
6Viola Roofing and Construction450 .44414210636 4.0
7Troupe Waste450 .444101118-17 4.0
8Rogers & Gray Insurance260 .22295130-35 5.5
9Cheever Tavern090 .00094203-109 8.0

News: Norwell Summer Fest Saturday 6/11 - Looking for Volunteers for the Dunk Tank!!!
Posted: 1 day ago

Hi Everyone, 

If you can spare the time.  Please help the Class of 2024!!!

Looking for a few coaches, town employees, well-known volunteers…..

NHS Class of 2024 is running the Dunk Tank at Norwell Summer Fest, all proceeds (less the cost of the tank ) are going to the class. Please consider supporting these students by spending 30min the dunk tank on Saturday 6/11.

Available openings are listed below, thank you for your consideration.  Please contact Kristen Jervey at 617-285-8715 if interested o ...
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News: Monday May 9th - Town Meeting - CCC Bathroom Article 34
Posted: 19 days ago

As you are probably aware, we received funding to build a permanent restroom facility at the CCC from the Town back in 2020. This was largely through the support of the youth and town sports organizations like Norwell Men’s Softball and we thank you! 


But due to unforeseen delays/increased construction costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to meet State Plumbing requirements; this revised article is seeking additional funding in support of the “Permanent restrooms for the Clipper C

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News: Try this again - 2022 registration
Posted: Wed Apr 6, 2022 @ 1:57 PM

This website is a pain in the butt!!!!

Try this link for registration.



News: 2022 Registration Link
Posted: Wed Apr 6, 2022 @ 1:38 PM

Hi All,

Here is the current online registration link.  I am getting messages that not everyone is getting the invites.




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